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Therapy Online: The Impact on the Therapeutic Relationship: CPD for Therapists

This workshop will be delivered via Zoom.

Many therapists were forced into working online as a response to the pandemic and lockdown. Now we are moving out of the crisis having discovered that online work is more convenient and expands possibilities.

This is an opportunity to explore the losses and gains of this way of working so that we can adapt our clinical practice in the most beneficial and effective way.

  • Would you like to explore the impact of working online on transference dynamics?

  • Would you like to learn ways of compensating for the missing embodied presence and the capacity for reverie?

  • Do you need ideas on how to facilitate the creative use of boundaries without a shared space in a way that promotes rather than impedes psychic change?

Workshop Aims

By the end of this workshop you will have:

  1. A better understanding of the impact of technology on the psychotherapeutic relationship. The workshop will look at how to think about the use of technology clinically.

  2. A clearer understanding of how important tolerating frustration is for internal development and how technology affects this process.

  3. Have more knowledge about how to bring in the body and somatic states to facilitate depth work.

  4. A summary of how boundaries are affected and how to individually tailor these for the benefit of the therapy.

Workshop leader

Sue Tyler is a psychotherapist and supervisor in private practice working in Brighton and central London ( She holds an MA in Psychoanalytic Studies from WPF. She is currently training to be a Jungian Analyst at the Society of Analytical Psychology.

Target Audience:

Psychotherapists and counsellors in private practice and trainees. This event should be interesting for anyone interested in how online therapy is affecting our practice and how we can make the most of it. The focus of the workshop will be psychodynamic but practitioners in other modalities are welcome to apply.

Applications must be received by Thursday, 19th May 2022.

Please note that by booking a ticket for this event, you are agreeing to our Terms and Conditions for CPD events, so please read through them carefully before making your purchase.

If you experience any problems during the application process then please contact

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