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Struggle Care

One of the areas people can struggle with when going through a time of emotional upheaval is attending to the day to day and ordinary stuff of life - cooking, washing up, finding clean clothes in the morning, washing your hair and so forth. In therapy many people feel overwhelmed with shame describing the mess they live in and silently endure their inability to function in practical ways.

KC Davis, a US therapist, runs Struggle Care and and the Tik Tok account Domestic Blisters (@domesticblisters). Importantly she reminds us of how potent shame can be and it's often a feeling concealed deep inside.

Discovering shame can give way to many painful feelings that you may have been avoiding for the longest time. The therapist’s job is to help you recognise and understand these parts of yourself that get in the way of you coping with ordinary life. So that they no longer seem so important or frightening, or necessary to hold on so tight to any longer. This is not where your value lies. Trust is key to exploring shame, it can take time to build but we encourage you to have courage and share all the ordinary messy parts of life with your therapist. Let your self and your laundry pile be seen. By doing so the shame you endure may begin to melt and perhaps also begin to live life more fully.

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