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Sex, Lies and Technology: CPD for Psychotherapists

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

Date and Time: Saturday 26th February 2022

10 am to 4 pm

Workshop leader: Susan Tyler

Why are people having less sex than ever? What role does technology play in this and how can we understand it clinically?

• Would you like to explore the impact of technology, artificial intelligence and the internet on sex, desire and relationships to address these issues in therapy?

• How technology has affected sexual and erotic norms over the last two decades?

• Would you like to learn how the sexual use of technology (via internet porn, AI and fantasy relationships) can be understood and used therapeutically to enhance connection and avoid dehumanisation?

Workshop Aims

By the end of this workshop you will:

1. Have a broader understanding of how technology influences and subverts the work of desire.

2. Be able to link ways technology can be used to express internal conflicts.

3. Gain ideas of how to help clients use technology as a bridge to connection rather than an escape or psychic retreat.

4. To know how therapy can help when the use of technology has become addictive or perverse.

Sue Tyler is a psychotherapist and supervisor in private practice working in Brighton and central London ( She holds an MA in Psychoanalytic Studies from WPF. She is currently training to be a Jungian Analyst at the Society of Analytical Psychology.

Comments from previous workshop:

• "The tutor facilitated a rich and vibrant discussion and I'm really impressed with the quality of teaching. I look forward to taking more CPD courses at WPF Therapy!"

• "I would recommend this course run by the well-informed, empathic, good communicator as Susan Tyler proved to be."

Target Audience

This workshop is open to training and qualified counsellors and psychotherapists. Please note that by booking on this workshop you agree to keep all discussion confidential.

This event should be interesting for anyone interested in how artificial intelligence is affecting our sexual life and shaping our desire. The focus will be a mixture of theory and its practical application. It has a psychoanalytic basis but practitioners from other modalities.

Booking link:

The Jungian perspective seeks to explore what compulsive sexual use of the internet is trying to find or express. This promotes a more creative and individually tailored response. This Jungian Life explores this in their latest podcast.

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