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Everything we do is aimed to improve psychological wellbeing. Increasing understanding of your own mind can help people to become more at home within themselves over time.

We are a cohesive team of expert individuals, classically trained but with significant know-how of different aspects of therapy and how to practice safety and effectively. 



We feel strongly about our responsibility as a business. From those we work with (our patients) from those we work with (our colleagues) and the role we play in the broader therapy landscape. 

We are dedicated to providing excellent care in a welcoming environment

We are curious and respectful of people from all walks of life and the concerns they hold. We are committed to creating and sustaining a positive and supportive environment for therapy where people accessing therapy and our colleagues are equally valued and respected and we value diversity. No individuals will be unjustly discriminated against. This includes, but is not limited to discrimination because of age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion and belief, sex and sexual orientation

We perceive bullying, harassment and victimisation of an individual as contradictory to our aspirations for our work 

We provide complete assurance around discretion and confidentiality

We offer the best quality therapy we can and an accessible fee, tailored to specific needs, trying to ensure the best possible outcomes are achieved

We are proud to be working with our colleagues in the Society of Analytical Psychology offering our trainees an excellent training experience 

Each of us are committed to our professional development and continue to assimilate developments and research into our clinical work

Our flexible consulting hours helps to fit therapy around your work and differing locations across the world

We are committed to evidence-based approaches to psychological treatment and our clinical work is consistent with the highest ethical standards required of our professional bodies

We respect visual thinking, those in the arts and makers, science and technologies which can often bring new thinking to life concerning the unconscious


You might be interested in reading more about various topics concerning mental health and psychological wellbeing in the UK and Internationally. Here are some useful links.

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