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Can couples counselling help?

Couples in seek relationship counselling for many reasons:

  • Couples counselling can help resolve ongoing relationship problems or address unhealthy dynamics within relationships.

  • Counselling can help couples work through recent, unexpected conflicts that have arisen in their relationship.

  • Couples counselling can help couples nearing the end of their relationship, but who want to work things out first.

  • Counselling can help couples who are ending their relationship, but want to end on good terms.

  • Couples counselling can help with sexual, intimacy or abuse issues within relationships.


Relationship therapy, or couples counselling, allows space for couples to communicate openly in hopes of finding solutions to problems within their relationship.

Relationships are an important part of most people’s lives but maintaining personal relationships can be difficult.

As people become more independent and self-sufficient, relationships can be challenging to maintain.  Changes in technology have had an impact on how we approach and manage our personal relationships are one of the most common reasons people seek counselling. We have some sessions available for a reduced fee. 

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