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Psychodynamic Psychotherapist

Many of us experience emotional difficulties like stress, anxiety or depression, which can easily impact self-confidence. Maybe it's difficult to talk if feelings are linked to family issues, low self-esteem or even significant events like bereavement or loss of career or friendships. 

It can be enormously helpful to share what’s going on with someone who’s trained to look at things differently. Someone who can help you explore and make sense of uncomfortable feelings in a safe and confidential setting.

I am a Psychodynamic Psychotherapist with BACP membership and registered with the UKCP. I have a particular interest in relationships, depression, anxiety, loss, cultural identity and imposter syndrome. I have a background in the creative industries and teaching. 

My therapeutic approach involves working closely with clients to help them develop greater awareness of past experiences and patterns that may be directing their current decision-making, behaviours and relationships. Ultimately, this can provide the platform for them to achieve the required growth to lead more fulfilling lives.

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