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Chartered Clinical Psychologist


Owen is an experienced, HCPC registered Principal Clinical Psychologist with 12 years’ experience working in the NHS. He has worked in various settings including community recovery, specialist inpatient, research trials, secondary care and specialist primary care. He has worked with people who experience severe difficulties including psychosis and emotional and relational difficulties as well as people experiencing depression, anxiety and physical symptoms which may have an emotional component.  

Owen’s approach is psychodynamic, meaning that he understands a person’s current difficulties in the context of their past, and that both are attended to in the therapeutic process. Not all of what we experience is available to our conscious mind; the work will take an interest in what goes on under the surface. 

Owen works online and in person in Victoria. He sees people who seek therapy for a specific problem, like feeling depressed or anxious, or because there has been a life transition that has been particularly hard to navigate. Or perhaps because they have a sense of there being repeating patterns in their relationships and life that are leaving them feeling stuck or empty. Sometimes people do not feel exactly sure why they are seeking therapy, there is just a sense of something being not quite right and an idea that this is something that could usefully be explored with another person. Owen offers a free initial 15 minute consultation and can be contacted at:

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