Psychodynamic Psychotherapy is a highly effective psychological treatment that improves the quality of life of people from all walks of life. 


It consists of meeting a therapist on a regular basis for sessions which last 50 minutes. The ongoing structure of this approach can give you and your therapist an insight into what is happening at a deeper level psychologically over time. The treatment can bring about lasting change to sometimes overwhelming and enduring emotional concerns. People sometimes access this support when previous therapies have not had a lasting outcome or they feel they would benefit from understanding themselves better with the demands life is now placing on them. 

A psychodynamic approach recognises that a challenge in the present day may have its roots in earlier life experiences. This key insight combined with working with a trained and skillful therapist over time can bring lasting changes in the way we view ourselves, our perception, awareness and relationships.

Psychotherapy provides a safe place in which to explore past and present feelings and the connections between past and current relationships and imagination for the future direction of life.

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1.  Low moods and depression

2.  Distress or feeling disconnected

3.  Relationship difficulties

4.  Continual anxiety and panic attacks

5.  Dealing with traumatic experience 

6.  Various addictions​

7.  Repeating destructive behaviour

8.  Feeling stuck in life and unable to change

9.  Loss and bereavement 

10. Low self-esteem and feeling you have screwed up in some way

11.  Self harm

12.  Recurring psychological problems of long duration