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Jungian analysts are trained to help people safely explore their psychology in depth. Analysis works with unconscious processes manifest in dreams, reveries (day-dreams) and active imaginations. 

Jungian analysis (called analytical psychology) is a effective long-term therapy where client and analyst meet at least two times each week for 50 minutes and at times a higher frequency is necessary to attend to ingrained concerns or ways of being which perhaps have been lived with for some time. Just like in psychotherapy sessions, the analyst is open-minded and curious about the ordinary aspects of a person’s personality exploring together thoughts, feelings, intuitions and physical sensations. Psychological patterns emerging in the work are attended too. The unconscious is not just a place of repressed memories but of real potential. Therefore Jungian Analysis can help someone discover psychological space inside which in turn can significantly contribute to the transformation of someone’s life by enabling a more integrated way of being in the world to emerge. To support the form of this work analysts are accredited and experienced psychotherapists who have gone through further rigorous training over years to develop expertise.


As it is an intensive approach, suitable for those who are interested in in-depth self-exploration and understanding.

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